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Stephania Kaweesakii (fk. Sp. Nova) Beginner's Care Guide

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

From neon green or purple juvenile leaf to dark turquoise mature leaf that can be up to 20 cm in diameter, Stephania Kaweesakii is by far the most fascinating type of Stephania there is. Although the care is slightly different than the rest of the family, it is still considered quite an easy plant to care for in my opinion.


☀️ LIGHT ☀️

  • Easily adaptable plant! Diffused light or bright shade is best. In its natural habitat, the plant grows on mountain sides with high humidity and mosses grown on rocks. Make sure it is not under direct scorching sun as it can get sunburnt - which is sadly irreversible.


  • Loves fairly moist soil so water copiously as long as the medium is well drained. I usually water them about twice a week and light misting around the caudex. But it can also tolerate once a week watering. Make sure excess drains through.

☘️ SOIL & POTS ☘️

  • A good well draining and rich soil mixture. A gritty mix with good balance of humidity, porousness & nutrients. My go-to mix includes pumice, volcanic rocks, organic soil, some vermicompost and burnt rice husks.

  • When choosing a pot, make sure it suits diameter-wise and not too tight spaced. I prefer cement & ceramic pots because of their slight porosity but make sure they have ample drainage holes. Remember to water according to your choice of pot also - more porous, more water & vice-versa!


  • Hollow Dried Bulb - sign of severe under-watering or sunburnt.

  • Bleached/ Curled Leaves - either inconsistent watering or severe heat. FYI, under-watering is much easier to remedy than overwatering.

  • Spider Mites - they spread fast so catch them quickly! Neem oil, dishwashing detergent, and water can be sprayed on the plant.

I'm fairly new with this particular caudex and still exploring better ways to care for it but these has worked for me so far. If you have any comments or any methods for a better care, I'd love to hear from you at the comments below! Meantime, enjoy some inspo from planters all around the world!


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