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How to Tell Between Stephania Erecta & Stephania Cepharantha 'Hayata'.

COVID has brought plant lovers all around the world to discover more new plants and a lot more of the odd-looking ones surface on social media for everyone to 'oohs and ahhs' for. With all these rarely seen caudex, some of the types bound to be confused with each other. Most commonly confused in Malaysia are Stephania Erecta & Stephania Cepharantha 'Hayata'.

From personal observation, the obvious distinctions between the 2 are the stem, caudex and the thickness of the leaves. Here are the differences between these 2 from my observations & from what I gather off fellow planters around the world.

Differences between S. Erecta, S. Cepharantha & S. Hayata

Sometimes you'll wonder why the stem of your Stephania Cepharantha 'Hayata' is deep red/ almost purple in color? The more sun you gave it, the more 'red' it'll become. It is super interesting! So I hope these clears up the confusion and helps you identify your caudex baby - if you have any of these 😊 It is quite easy to come by in Asia and if you're Malaysian or Singaporean looking to adopt one of these, check out here for seller's list.

Get Inspired!

Without stating the obvious, they are all beautiful in their own unique ways! Check out these beautiful growths from amazing planters all over the world for inspiration & best of luck!


Stephania Cepharantha 'Hayata'

Stephania Erecta

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