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Stephania Erecta Beginner's Care Guide

The leaves of the Erecta are one of the reasons for this caudex fascination all around the world, which is dazzling in color (deep to neon green surface with light pinkish outline) and will give the most architectural vining design you'll ever see.

Through my care for this plant for about 2 years now, below are my take for beginner's/basic care guide to keeping Stephania Erecta happy.


☀️ LIGHT ☀️

  • Diffused sunlight or indirect bright light is best, as in it’s natural habitat the plant grows in the shadow of bigger plants. Make sure it is not under direct scorching sun as it can get sunburnt - which is sadly irreversible.


  • Due to the gritty well-draining nature of the soil mix required for this, and depending on your lighting condition, water generally 1-2 times a week - but allow soil to dry between waterings. Do not to over-water the plant or let it sit in soggy bottom! Give only small sips of water each time and directly onto the soil.

☘️ SOIL & POTS ☘️

  • A good and well draining soil mixture. A gritty mix with good balance of humidity, porousness & nutrients. Check out my preferred soil mix here.

  • When choosing a pot, make sure it suits diameter-wise. I prefer clay & terracotta pots because of their porosity. Ceramic & plastic pots can be used provided they have ample drainage holes. Remember to water according to your choice of pot also - more porous, more water & vice-versa!


  • Blotched Yellow Leaves - sign of pest infection or nutrient deficiency. Simply remove the affected leaves & examine for pests (roots & stem).

  • Fallen Bleached Yellow Leaves - either overwatering or underwatering. FYI, under-watering is much easier to remedy than overwatering.

  • Spider Mites - they spread fast so catch them quickly! Neem oil, dishwashing detergent, and water can be sprayed on the plant.

  • Shrunken Bulb - severely under-watering or severe heat.

Stephania Erecta Care Guide
General Care Guide for Stephania Family

I'd be happy to hear your comment, feedback or your own take on the basic care for Stephania Erecta in the comment below.


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