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Phyllanthus Mirabilis Beginner's Care Guide

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Native to Indochina; Laos, Burma and Thailand. Very locally common caudex. Feather-like form, dark coppery-red to dark green velvety leaves, uniquely folding together and opening up at dawn. This baby is one of the most gorgeous caudex plant I've ever seen!

☀️ LIGHT ☀️

  • Easily adaptable plant! Diffused light or indirect bright light is best, as in its natural habitat the plant grows on a mountain with high humidity and mosses grown on rocks. Make sure it is not under direct scorching sun as it can get sunburnt - which is sadly irreversible.


  • Water copiously as long as the medium is well drained. Reduce watering to once every 1 month during winter. It doesn't mind minimal watering, but will grow faster with daily watering (adjust according to your lighting condition as well). Make sure excess drains through.

☘️ SOIL & POTS ☘️

  • A good well draining and rich soil mixture. A gritty mix with good balance of humidity, porousness & nutrients. In habitat, this plant grows in rich peat and gets a lot of water in the rainy season.

  • When choosing a pot, make sure it suits diameter-wise. I prefer clay & terracotta pots because of their porosity. Ceramic & plastic pots can be used provided they have ample drainage holes. Remember to water according to your choice of pot also - more porous, more water & vice-versa!


  • Hollow Dried Bulb - sign of severe under-watering or sunburnt.

  • Fallen Bleached Leaves - either inconsistent watering or severe heat. FYI, under-watering is much easier to remedy than overwatering.

  • Spider Mites - they spread fast so catch them quickly! Neem oil, dishwashing detergent, and water can be sprayed on the plant.

General Care Guide for Phyllanthus Mirabilis

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