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Firmiana Colorata aka Sterculia Colorata, Beginner's Care Guide

For quite a while, I have mistaken these 2 types to be different types - they are actually the same! Although subtle difference on the bark texture & color, they both have similar leaf shape and also the same plant. The flowers are orangey-red in color, covered with fine hairs with a soft-velvety look, and it hang downwards. It is also called 'Bonfire Tree' due to the vibrant 'fire'like' color that the flowers has.


☀️ LIGHT ☀️

  • Able to tolerate full sun as this is considered a tree and usually are grown outdoors. But filtered sun area by the window is ok too.


  • Due to the light given, 2 - 3 times a week is preferred but make sure soil is dry first before watering.

☘️ SOIL & POTS ☘️

  • A good well draining and rich soil mixture. A mixture of cactus soil + organic soil + vermicompost + pumice.

  • When choosing a pot, make sure it suits the diameter and depth. Since the growing profile is like a tree, the bark tends to grow taller underground also - but only in a couple of years time 😊 Remember to water according to your choice of pot also - more porous, more water & vice-versa!


  • Mealybugs - treat it with neem spray or a a mixture of dishwashing liquid + water.

I'm fairly new with this particular caudex and still exploring better ways to care for it but these has worked for me so far. If you have any comments or any methods for a better care, I'd love to hear from you at the comments below! Meantime, enjoy some inspo from planters all around the world!


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