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Pumice: What is it & How Much Do I Need in Soil?


Hello Fellow Planter!

When I started forming interests in caudiciform plants, I wished for a platform where I can find relevant care tips all in 1 place - hence this blog is created.

Hello, I'm Nadia 💚

I admit. I've potted Phyllanthus in a wrong soil mix, overwatered a couple of Stephanias and have treated issues in a wrong way before. I've learned from experiences/ experiments, advices from fellow planters around the world & from tips found on the web. So here, I’ve gathered all the caudex care tips - all in 1 place. Make sure we’re connected on social media to stay updated and on caudexes that are for sale* as well. 

*for sale within Malaysia only (bare bulb, outside of KL)

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Join in, it's going to be fun!

Thank you! Welcome on board 😊

If you have any questions or stories to share, I'm just an email away.
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